Tobii Pro screen-based eye trackers

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  • Capturing gaze data at speeds of up to 1200 Hz

  • Easy to set up and configure

  • Excellent data quality

  • Various solutions for all kinds of eye tracking research projects

High-performance screen-based eye trackers capturing gaze data at speeds up to 1200 Hz

Tobii Pro screen-based

We are happy to have partnered with Tobii AB to offer you high-grade, screen-based eye tracking systems for your combined EEG & Eye Tracking research. The following screen-based eye trackers are part of our portfolio:

Tobii Pro Spectrum
    • Capturing gaze data at speeds up to 1200 Hz
    • Comes with a 24’’ monitor, but can also be used separately to track gaze on real-world stimuli
    • Simple setup, configuration, and automation
    • Superior data quality
    • Very high tolerance for both large and fast head movements
    • TTL port and precise timing enable seamless synchronization capabilities with external biometric data sources
    • Designed for extensive research in behavior and eye movements – from fixation-based studies to micro-saccades
Tobii Pro Fusion
    • Capturing gaze data at speeds up to 250 Hz
    • Two eye tracking cameras, and two pupil tracking modes (bright and dark pupil) to adapt the performance to your study design and test population
    • High screen compatibility (eye tracker can be attached under a screen or mounted on a tripod)
    • High accuracy, precision, and tolerance for natural head movements and light conditions
    • Designed to collect data where your participants are available and feel comfortable (e.g. in schools, hospitals, libraries, etc.)
Tobii Pro Spark
    • Small but powerful, capturing gaze data at 60 Hz
    • Portable and intuitive for scientific and commercial use
    • Easy to attach to various screens up to 27″ and compatible with all platforms (Windows, macOS and Linux)
    • Single camera system
    • Designed for fixation-based studies

For a detailed overview of the technical specifications, please refer to the official Tobii website:

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