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  • Analysis software based on published scientific methods to generate high quality scientific output

  • History Tree® of processing steps and immediate user feedback ensures the quickest learning curve

  • Reads more than 50 data formats, comes with bidirectional interface to MATLAB® and more

  • Free scientific and software support

Enabled by MATLAB
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BrainVision AnalyzerSelf-documenting and easy to learn
    • Visual representation of analysis steps in a structure called History Trees®
    • Analysis steps in History Trees® let you explore and compare various data processing strategies
    • Each History Tree® node contains full description of parameters used for data processing
    • Short learning curve = Less time from recording to publication
Fast processing and visualization
    • Templates from History Trees® applied to multiple datasets for quick and consistent analysis
    • Templates applied automatically (or manually using drag and drop mode) to multiple subjects
    • On-demand calculation = No need to re-process your data!
    • Multiple views for fast data visualization and comparison
Basic and advanced methods
    • Automatic import and export of data, events/triggers, channel coordinates, etc.
    • Filters, Raw Data Inspection, interactive ICA, FFT, Wavelets, Coherence, LORETA and more.
    • Tailored transformations for MR and CB artefact correction; integration of Eye-Tracking data
    • Real-time communication with MATLAB®Enabled by MATLAB Mathworks
    • Video integration for frame-by-frame monitoring of participant’s behavior
Free scientific support & more
    • Free support from scientists at the Brain Products headquarters
    • Support includes: Installation, license/dongle issues, data analysis – We support you in every step of the research process
    • Additional assistance for scientific data evaluation during the peer-review process. Support will help you address reviewer questions!
    • Frequent scientific workshops and webinars to help you best use Analyzer
The perfect teaching tool for EEG
    • Great tool for teaching EEG/ERP analysis due to its user-friendly interface
    • Perfect for workshops, seminars, EEG boot camps, webinars, etc.
    • Easy EEG/ERP analysis education; no need to learn a programming language or read/write scripts
Cost-effective solution
    • Effective data processing from day one
    • One time purchase (no annual fee)
    • Long-lasting Backwards Compatibility across versions
    • Detailed documentation of analysis methods (user manual, release notes, scientific support)
Several license options
    • Single-user (local) license to run Analyzer on a local computer
    • Multi-user (network) license to run Analyzer on multiple client computers in a network environment
    • Educational license: Special offer for existing Analyzer users to teach others in the context of an educational event (e.g. workshop, summer school)
BrainVision AnalyzerSystem Requirements
Supported operating systemsWindows® XP Service Pack 3 - up to BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.0
Windows® Vista 32 Service Pack 1 - up to BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.0
Windows® 7
Windows® 8 and 8.1 - only BrainVision Analyzer 2.0.3 and higher
Windows® 10 - only BrainVision Analyzer 2.1.1 and higher
Windows® 11 - only BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.2 and higher
ProcessorIntel® Pentium IV Processor or higher
Graphics adapterGraphics card with 64 MB of RAM
RAMMin. 512 MB
Free disk spaceMin. 8 GB free hard disk space.
MonitorMin. 17"
A 21" monitor is recommended for more than 32 channels
Medical productNo
CE markingNo

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