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  • Intuitive to use software for Eye Tracking experiments

  • Precise and consistent timing accuracy – down to the millisecond

  • Customizable gaze filters and full access to all raw gaze data

  • Easy combination of eye tracking with biometric data streams, like EEG, GSR, and ECG (i.e. possibility to send a TTL marker at every stimulus onset to ensure precise data synchronization)

Tobii Pro Lab: Eye tracking software for conducting experimental research with Tobii Pro eye trackers

Tobii Pro Lab constitutes – together with Tobii Pro hardware – a complete solution for researching human behavior. It provides a user interface and dedicated software features that efficiently guide and support the researcher through all phases of an eye tracking experiment – from test design and recording to analysis.

You can easily create complex experiments, collect eye tracking data, observe and qualitatively analyze individual recordings, and aggregate data for quantitative analysis and visualization in one single software solution.

Full Edition:

Contains all modules (Design, Record, Analysis) and works with all Tobii Pro hardware; screen-based and wearable. It opens and creates all project types: Screen-based, Glasses, Scene Camera, and External Presenter.

Screen-based Edition:

Contains all three modules and works with Tobii Pro Screen-based hardware. The featured project types are Screen-based and Scene Camera. In addition, External Presenter projects created with the Full Edition can be opened.

Analyzer Edition:

Contains only the Analyzer module and features the Glasses project type to create new projects and import data recorded with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 & Tobii Pro Glasses 3. This edition opens Screen-based, Scene Camera, and External Presenter projects recorded with either the Full or Screen-based Edition.

For a detailed overview of the system requirements, please refer to the official Tobii website.

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