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  • Sponge-based passive electrode system for quick set up and gel residue free EEG recordings

  • Ag/AgCl electrodes (with exchangeable sponge tips) are fixed in a silicone structure

  • Electrode positioning according to the international 10-10 system

  • Net sizes range from neonates to adults; available channel counts: 32 – 160

Please note: Max./Min. channel counts depend on amplifier system and cap size.


R-Net: Sponge-based electrode system for research applications

The R-Net is based on saltwater sponges and passive Ag/AgCl electrodes that are held in place with a durable and flexible silicone structure. It allows for rapid measurement preparation and high recording flexibility, and is compatible with all our mobile and stationary amplifier solutions.

Great match for time-restricted recordings

If your research requires ultra-fast application, minimal invasiveness and maximum comfort, the R-Net is the perfect match. It is also the only sponge-based electrode system available that follows the international 10-10 positioning system.

Latest addition to our existing electrode types

It expands our wide range of already available electrode cap types, i.e. passive gel, active gel and active dry, and is compatible with all amplifiers from the BrainAmp, LiveAmp and actiCHamp family.

Fast preparation time

It can be prepared with our potassium chloride electrolyte solution, allowing for the fastest preparation time out of all electrode systems.

High-density EEG recordings

The 160 channel version of the R-Net includes face and neck electrodes in a high-density montage. It offers you the same rapid and gel-free application as the lower channel configurations, with the added benefit of recording EEG from a larger area, as well as being able to record activity from the face and neck.

Quick and easy replacement of damaged electrodes

Available repair kits allow you to fix a broken electrode yourself without the need to replace the whole R-Net.

EEG-fMRI co-registrations

A dedicated model for EEG recordings in the MR envoronment is also available. For more on the R-Net MR click here.

R-Net Technical specifications
Maximum number of electrodes
LiveAmpUp to 64 (depending on head circumference)
BrainAmpUp to 128 (depending on head circumference)
actiCHamp PlusUp to 160 (depending on head circumference)
TypePassive electrode with Ag/AgCl pellet and sponge with soaked electrolyte
HeightApprox. 16 mm
DiameterApprox. 13 mm
Cable length
LiveAmpApprox. 50 cm
BrainAmpApprox. 120 cm
actiCHamp PlusApprox. 100 cm
Suitable for use in MR scanner roomNo
Medical deviceNo

Getting started

Unboxing actiCHamp Plus and R-Net

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Tutorial video on R-Net with actiCHamp Plus

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