Intended use of this tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use the Brain Products sensors for peripheral physiology in combination with the AUXClosed Auxiliary inputs of the actiCHamp, LiveAmp, V-Amp and BrainAmp ExG amplifiers, and the recording software BrainVision Recorder in a non-MRClosed Magnetic Resonance environment. All sensors are compatible with the BrainAmp ExG MR amplifier but the specific aspects of the application in a MR environment are not subject of this tutorial.

This tutorial aims to help users with a background in peripheral physiology to optimize their setup, as well as to support beginners as they set up their Brain Products system for the first time. We provide detailed operating instructions, examples of common applications, and signal processing suggestions.

Please note that providing a comprehensive theoretical background on designing and conducting peripheral physiology measurements is beyond the scope of this tutorial, however we do provide suggested reading where appropriate.

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