New: SyncBox Scanner Interface Duo release

We are happy to announce the new SyncBox Scanner Interface Duo. The SyncBox is used to synchronize the sampling rate of the BrainAmp MR amplifier with the MR scanner clock system. In brief, the aim is to achieve phase locking between the two clock systems to facilitate optimum correction of scanner-related artifacts in the EEG data. This is essential for achieving the best EEG-fMRI data quality.

The SyncBox system comprises the SyncBox Main Unit and the SyncBox Scanner Interface. The Main Unit distributes the sync signal to the BrainAmp USB 2 Adapter (BUA), which drives the sampling frequency, and also to the computer to allow online synchronization validation. Whereas, the Scanner Interface galvanically isolates the Main Unit from the MR scanner to prevent any impact on the scanner clock system.

We have extended the SyncBox Scanner Interface by an optical input so that it connects to both the electrical and the optical MR-scanner sync outputs. In particular, it now offers an electrical input via BNC connector as well as an optical input via a fibre optic cable connector. In this way, users can now decide which clock output to use based on preference or what the MR scanner offers.

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